1. Event Year 1993 Quote

    For profitable farming and economic growth, an efficient marketing system is imperative. Taking a futuristic look at the post-GATT period, market intelligence is important for exporting farm produce. To encourage exports, it is desirable to amend rules 29 and 30 of Market Act to provide for exemption to the produce exported to foreign countries from payment of market and rural development fee. In fact to harness higher revenue, exportable produce should be “agmarked” under the Agricultural Produce Grading and Marketing Act, 1937.

  2. TORC was formed in 1994

  3. Event Year 1995 Quote

    The growth of agriculture in Punjab over the past three decades has been very impressive and compares well with to the best in the world. A policy package for speeding up the development of identified agro-processing industries has been suggested.

    Strategies for checking electricity theft: Power distribution involves three main inter-related aspects i.e. cost of distribution and electricity tariff, leakage in distribution and distributive justice. The present study is focused on issues relating to leakage in distribution i.e. power theft and inefficient conservation practices. These two problems contribute to tripping, power-cuts, higher tariff, odd hour power supply etc.


    The nature and magnitude of the problem contributed by these two factors necessitate a sound policy package and intervention strategies to ensure high efficiency management of power, increased revenue and better consumer satisfaction.

    Issues related to theft have to be answered at the level of personnel management, rules and procedures, communication campaigns and through community participation.


    In the land of phenomenal agricultural growth, they virtually own no land. And in the organized sector of industries and services their presence is negligible. In the land of the “martial race” they are the meekest. In the land of five rivers where mixing of cultures is loudly proclaimed, each of them has an experience of being not accepted. The study is an assessment of the impact of government initiatives regarding the Scheduled Caste population. It brings to the surface a paradox between the general socio-economic placements of the S.C population.

  4. Event Year 1996

    To sensitize women and community on issues relating to Gender Justice and Women's Development.

    To bring about change in the awareness, knowledge and attitude of the society particularly to provide women qualitative access to education, skills, health , property resources and other infrastructural benefits.

    To aim for productive participation in employment, decision making and developmental activities and to promote enterpreneur ship amongst them.



  5. Event Year 1997 Quote

    This study finds that prohibition has become an administrative programme, rather than a social, political and community-based reforms programme.

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    The concern for the AIDS has become more acute, not only due to its alarming spread, but also to the fact that it has no known cure and prevention is the only safeguard. The study suggests that the awareness campaigns need to be directed at all modes of AIDS transmission rather than only on safe sex practices.

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    Budget: The decadal trend revealed that there was considerable increase in the budget at the district level, which ranged from 14 per cent to 173 per cent. The budget of the district was mainly for salaries and office expenses. It had neither the scope nor any provision for the development of primary education.

    Schools: The status of the schools showed a decline over the period, which might be due to periodic closure of the schools or lack of adequate staff.

    Teachers: The decadal trends revealed a greater decline in the number of teachers.

    Though, the budget had increased, yet the expansion of schools and the number of teachers had declined during the 10 year period of study.

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  15. The Hindu, Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008

    New campus: Vice-President Hamid Ansari with Punjab Governor S. F. Rodrigues (left) and Union Minister of State for Finance Pawan Kumar Bansal during the inauguration of a new campus of the Institute for Development and Communication in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

    CHANDIGARH: Vice-President Hamid Ansari on Tuesday expressed concern that the nation’s social energies were being depleted through persisting conflict situations at various levels, with an adverse impact on the delivery system.

    Mr. Ansari was addressing a gathering after inaugurating the new campus building of the region’s leading research organisation Institute for Development and Communication (IDC).

    He also launched the inaugural series of lectures and discussions to mark the Institute’s 15th anniversary as well as dedicated the Prof. Randhir Singh library to the people.

    Mr. Ansari expressed concern that lack of debate in the Indian system had actually contributed to complicating matters.

    IDC director Pramod Kumar said that in an atmosphere which threatened to imprison the human spirit by seeking routine ordinariness and where maintenance of the status quo had become a preferred management preoccupation, the Institute continued to strive for critical appraisal of existing social processes for transformation of society.

    Union Minister of State for Finance Pawan Kumar Bansal said the IDC had made a mark as an autonomous research institution despite many. Punjab Governor S.F. Rodrigues stressed the need to ensure that governance becomes more responsive.

    The staff of IDC was divided into the following hierarchy:

    Director (Research Unit)


    Project coordinators

    Research associates

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