Conference and Discussion Facilities

A large civic building is designed for conventions, industrial shows, and the like, having large unobstructed exhibit areas and include conference rooms, accommodation, restaurant, and other facilities.

Trans Equipment

Desktops, Laptops, Projectors, Multimedia, Large Screen displays for hosting conferences & Meetings. Audio Recording, Digital Photography & other array of facilities are available in ID


Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), Chandigarh is a premier research and teaching Institute with a well-established library, audio-video research materials and documentation facilities.

IDC has an extensive library consisting of 5000 reference books on a variety of topics including Philosophy, Sociology, Conflict Resolution, Gender Studies, Caste Demographics, Political Science, Law, Economics, History, Literature, Fiction etc.

Researchers, journalists, academicians, social activists and administrators may find the library a useful facility.

  • Beyond Inclusion by Satish Deshpande, ed., 2013
  • Giving Kids a Fairchance by James J. Heckman, 2013
  • Global Wages Report, 2013
  • India’s Security Environment: Proceedings of Selected Seminars held by Asia Centre Bangalore, 2013
  • Punjabiyat by Jasbir Singh Khurana, 2013
  • Rise of the South: Human Development Report by UNDP, 2013
  • Shooting for a Century by Stephen P. Cohen, 2013
  • Walking with Lions by K. Natwar Singh, 2013
  • Achhoot by Daya Pawar, 2012
  • Mera Bachpan Mere Kandho Par by Shyoraj Singh Bechain, 2012
  • Seeing Like a Feminist by Nivedita Menon, 2012
  • The Open Society & Its Enemies by Carl Popper, 2012
  • The Signal & the Voice by Nate Silver, 2012
  • Local Democracy & Good Governance by Ranbir Singh, 2011
  • The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade, 2010



To promote generation and dissemination of knowledge, students, researchers and other concerned civil society members are invited to avail temporary membership of the IDC Library. The monthly fee is Rs. 200/-. You can also register online by filling the below Library Membership form.

    I make application for membership of the library under the library rules which I have read and agree to abide by them.
    Correspondence Address:
    Telephone No./Mobile No.:
    Email Id:
    Date of Birth:

    The contact person is: Ms. Rekha Dhiman, Librarian.
    Tel. 0172-2625941(Extn.215) || E-mail: