M.A. (Liberal Arts)

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Science and Management (CASSM) is an affiliate of Chandigarh University (CU), a pioneer knowledge centre and the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), a leading think-tank based in Chandigarh. These institutions represent a unique amalgamation of professional and academic excellence. The Master in Arts (Liberal Arts) program at CASSM is a two-year program equipped with international curriculum standards and strategic relationships with national and international universities.

Who Should Join?

Technology-led change faces the major challenge of realigning with the real world. The realignment requires cultivating a sense of empathy and a comprehensive skill set ranging from critical thinking, problem-solving ability and proficiency in writing and communication, which comes from training in liberal arts and humanities.

The CASSM has formulated a program on MA (Liberal Arts) for students to join the social sciences stream as teachers and to pursue research in social sciences with an inter-disciplinary perspective.

It is for those who aspire to be in public service and compete. The program is also for practising civil servants who appreciate the need for convergence of technology with human sensitivity. Or those, who are looking for a shift from conventional fields (arts, commerce & sciences) to a diverse set of specialized career options.

Who Are Eligible?

The program is open to all individuals with:

− A recognised graduate or post-graduate degree in any discipline

− Minimum of 21 years of age on 31st July 2024

− Strong academic record

− Active extra-curricular engagement

− Strong communication skills

Mr. Chandan Awasthi
Assistant Program Coordinator, Global Fellowship Program (GFP)
Cell: +91 9501482900 | email: cassm@cassm.org

What to Expect?

The program allows students to undergo various inter-disciplinary core, elective and ability enhancement courses. Besides this, students will also be engaged in the experiential learning modules. They will also get opportunity for Research/Teaching Assistantship positions. Upon completing the course, candidates can pursue a PhD programme in any of the Arts and Humanities stream.

Over the last decade, the dynamics of education have changed, and new fields of profession are cropping up. Such a scenario has opened up the field of education.

• Shift from conventional fields (arts, commerce & sciences) to a diverse set of specialized career options.

• The program prepares you not only to continue the conventional subjects for teaching or PhD, but offers varied avenues.


• Upon completion of the degree course, candidates can pursue Ph.D and research in Arts and Humanities stream like Political Science, Economics, Sociology etc.

• Students shall be eligible for teaching Social Sciences subject, Research and Corporate placement

• Prepares students for career opening as Digital Communicators, Designers and Data Analysts

• Enhance skill set ranging from Problem-solving Ability, Communication and Writing

• Proficiency and compete for various competitive examinations.

Type of jobKey Skills
Administrative Support Specialist Researching, writing, communicating, problem-solving, critical thinking
Assistant Professor Teaching/Research/Administrative
Legal Assistant Assist lawyers by maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents
Management Analyst Identifies opportunities to grow the business by analyzing the market data
Project Coordinator Assists the project manager in coordinating activities and resources
Social Media Specialist Counseling Help communities understand and cope with the emotional and social problems
Consultancy/Internships at UNICEF (International Professional, National Officer, General Service staff, Consultant & individual contractor etc.) Any Social Science Subject/Liberal Arts Subject


Executive Management; Senior Leadership Vacancies


Administration/ Facilities Management/ Financial Management/ Human Resources/ Information Communication Technology/ Operations/ Supply Management/ Transportation etc.

Programme and Policy

Adolescent Development/ Child Protection/ Early Childhood Development/ Education/ Gender Development/ Health/ Health and Nutrition/ HIV/AIDS/ Innovation Knowledge Management/ Nutrition Programme Management/ Research, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation/ Social and Behavior Change/ Social Policy/ UN Volunteer/ WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) etc.

Event Planner Planning, Budgeting, Problem-solving, Teamwork, Adaptability, Attention To Detail, Communication
Fundraiser Planning, Coordinating, Developing Rapport, Budgeting, Communicating, Attention To Detail, Critical Thinking, Salesmanship
Graphic Designer Creativity, Planning, Coordinating, Communication, Collaboration, Decision Making
Human Resources Specialist Evaluating, Interviewing, Empathy, Coordinating, Listening, Planning

Mode of Class: Classes will be conducted at CASSM at the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), Chandigarh.

Research/ Teaching Assistantship Positions: Students will be engaged in the experiential learning modules. They will also get opportunity for Research/Teaching Assistantship positions.

Why Pursue a Masters’ Degree in Liberal Arts?

This is a departure for stand alone conventional courses like History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature etc.

MA Liberal Arts has two very important dimensions:

• First, students have the choice to pursue their teaching career and PhD in from the range of subjects that they have pursued whether, Sociology, Economics or any other subject. The best feature of this design is that a student can shift from the major subject to another subject for their PhD.

• Second, it provides an exit clause, i.e., after completion of first year, a student will get a Post-Graduate Diploma in Liberal Arts and can exit the course.

Global Faculty

The faculty members are experienced in their own fields and have been drawn from India and abroad. The program also offers special interaction through guest sessions with experienced practitioners.

Selection Process

Application will be evaluated on a combination of:

− Academic record

− Extra and Co-Curricular activities

− Sustained demonstration of talent in one’s area of interest


Classes will be conducted at CASSM at the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC), Sector 38A, Chandigarh.

Research/ Teaching Assistantship Positions

Monthly stipend will be available for bright candidates.


• What is the duration of course?

This is a multi-disciplinary two-year post-graduate degree Program.

• Do I need work experience to join the course online?

No, not necessarily, but in case you do have work experience it will be an added advantage.

• Is English proficiency a requirement?

Yes, but a value-added course on soft skills including proficiency in English shall be imparted.

• Can I leave after one year?

Yes, the option to exit after completing one year and avail the Post-Graduate Diploma in Liberal Arts (PGDLA).

• Will I be assigned with Individual Mentor or Guide?

Yes. On joining, you will be assigned a mentor under the Mentorship Program.

• Can I pursue PhD after completion of Degree?

Yes, after completing the Master’s Program, there is an option available to pursue PhD.

• Which costs does the program cover?

The program covers tuition fee, and any special event/ trip (domestic) that may be planned.

• Does this Program provide scholarships, funding or additional benefits?

Provision has been made for liberal financial support for deserving candidates sponsored by corporates, philanthropists and other sponsors.

• Will I get financial support for National & International Conference participation?

There is a provision of offering full or partial support to deserving and promising students after meeting the sponsors’ conditions and requirements.

• Do students travel for project work?

Depending on project and dissertation work, students might need to travel.

• What will be the selection procedure?

Candidates who meet the mentioned age and qualification criteria will be required to fill an application and appear for a formal interaction.

• What happens after I submit my application?

You can register for the program online. There will be a screening process and you will be informed duly about next steps.

• How many Students are selected each year?

The first class of MA (Liberal Arts) shall have around 40 Students.

• Will I get notified after my application has been submitted?

Yes, you will get a notification that your application has been submitted. However, please note that the status of your application will be communicated to you via email. We will be following a rolling admissions process, so the earlier you apply, the earlier your application will be reviewed.

• When does the application process for admission to the MA (Liberal Arts) start?

The application process starts on 15th March 2024.

• Are recommendation letters required?

No, recommendation letters are not required. However, if you have corporate/institutional sponsoring you, the same will be given consideration.

• What skills will I be taught in the MA (Liberal Arts)?

This Program has been designed to build soft skills and transferable skills. In this program, soft skills mean communication ability, social graces, and personal habits (dependability, conscientiousness). The transferable skills could include learning to analyze and evaluate; thinking creatively and critically; strategizing and problem solving; ability to synthesize new ideas; effective research skills; organization and time management skills.

• Is post-Completion job placement provided?

Yes, job placement in teaching and research shall be notified.

• Will hostel facility be available?

Yes, for outstation students.

• Research/ Teaching Assistantship Positions

Monthly stipend will be available for very bright candidates.

There is going to be greater demand for liberal arts majors than programming majors or maybe even engineering because when the data is being spit out for you, you need a different perspective in order to have a different view of the data.

- Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Institute for Development and Communication, Chandigarh