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The growth of agriculture in Punjab over the past three decades has been very impressive and compares well with to the best in the world. A policy package for speeding up the development of identified agro-processing industries has been suggested.

Strategies for checking electricity theft:
Power distribution involves three main inter-related aspects i.e. cost of distribution and electricity tariff, leakage in distribution and distributive justice. The present study is focused on issues relating to leakage in distribution i.e. power theft and inefficient conservation practices. These two problems contribute to tripping, power-cuts, higher tariff, odd hour power supply etc.


The nature and magnitude of the problem contributed by these two factors necessitate a sound policy package and intervention strategies to ensure high efficiency management of power, increased revenue and better consumer satisfaction.

Issues related to theft have to be answered at the level of personnel management, rules and procedures, communication campaigns and through community participation.