Online Course on Advanced Teaching Methods

Online Course on Advanced Teaching Methods
(8-10 September 2020)


(Approved Research Centre of Panjab University, Chandigarh)

Registration guidelines for the three-day online course on “Advanced Teaching Methods.”

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Online course
‘Advanced Teaching Methods’

(8-10, September 2020)


Teaching is an engagement between the student and the teacher and how this relationship shapes the course of learning is not to be viewed as one-sided or unilinear.

To enhance the teacher’s skills and aptitude towards student-centric teaching and learning to foster critical thinking, creativity, self-learning and deeper understanding of the subject among students.

About the Course:

Institute for Development and Communication offers the online course on ‘Advanced Teaching Methods.’ This will empower professional teachers to transform their knowledge into action through analysis and reflection. The online course includes a conceptual framework of advanced teaching methodology, pedagogical approaches; Arts integrated teaching strategies and its classroom implications with advanced teaching techniques.

Course Contents:

* Conceptual Framework of Advanced Teaching and Learning Methods

-Prof. Sachidanand Sinha

Centre for the Study of Regional Development, JNU, New Delhi, Visiting Professor at IDC, Chandigarh

Learning is all about enabling oneself to understand various events, episodes and processes around us; both in the physical and social spheres with the purpose to further enhancing their value (quality and quantity) and effect suitable changes therein. There are a variety of conventional and innovative teaching methods or pedagogy that we teachers are required to follow using variegated teaching and learning aids — both conventional and technology-driven. We have moved away from the traditional rote learning as the emphasis has been rightly placed on developing critical and creative faculties in students.

This presentation will bring forth various kinds of teaching and learning methods generally used in social sciences ranging from stimulation, activity-based/laboratory, inquiry and problem solving, projects, dramatizations, field-trips, debate and discussion, assignment-based and construction methods. It will also present the interface between various methods and the technology that is being propagated currently in the academic circles, media and policy documents.

* Developing Critical Thinking in Classroom Teaching and Learning

-Lallan S. Baghel

Faculty, Department of Philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh

What is critical thinking? How critical thinking can be differentiated and understood in the context of classroom teaching and learning processes? We will also try to understand the nature of critical pedagogy and its interconnection with critical thinking.

The most important part is to apply discourses on critical thinking in classroom environment to inculcate a culture of inquiry. This will be disseminated by encouraging a conversation such as why do you think that, what is your knowledge based upon, what does it imply and presuppose?

The basic purpose of this conversation would be expand the horizon of learners’ thinking as a creative, reflective and transformatory citizen to understand the larger context of democracy and education as a lifelong learning process and not as means for merely earning a livelihood.

* Teaching the Creative Way

-Prof. Asha Sethi

Research Director, Education Unit, Institute for Development and Communication, Chandigarh

Teaching is a collaborative, interactive and participatory approach directed towards facilitating the construction of knowledge and finding novel solutions to the problems, through the medium of Brainstorming, Questioning and Discussion.

* ICT-Based Pedagogy for Effective Teaching and Learning

-Dr. Anuradha Sekhri

Assistant Professor, Education Unit, IDC, Chandigarh

Knowledge is expanding rapidly, and modern technologies are demanding teachers to learn how to use these technologies in their teaching. The trends in the development of ICT have given a new dimension to the pedagogical approaches. ICT tools are potentially powerful for extending educational opportunities; it brings more materials and resources for classroom interaction. The teaching-learning process is made more interactive by integrating ICT. It is high time that teachers should equip themselves with the development of ICT. ICT not only facilitates delivery of instruction but also a learning process. Collaboration and networking in the field of education and professional development have been possible now with the use of ICT.

* Performing and Visual Arts as a Medium of Innovative Teaching and Learning

-Dr. Chandrashekhar Prasad

Research officer, Education Unit, IDC, Chandigarh

The arts, painting, sculpture, music and drama as a medium of instruction can be magical to foster the non-threatening learning environment, holistic participation, creative expression, curiosity, self-learning and deeper understanding. The process of using various arts as a medium of teaching instruction enables the teacher to make the students to be active participants of learning and constructing knowledge.

For that following performing and visual art tools will be introduced as a medium of teaching and learning and will be explained with the help of activities:

– Human sculpture

– Sculpture

– Drawing

– Storytelling

– Drama process

– Music


Date 1st session Time- 10:00 – 11:30 am Break for 30 min. 2nd session Time- 12:00 – 1:30 pm
08/09/2020 Topic- Conceptual Framework of Advanced Methods of Teaching Topic- Teaching the Creative Way
09/09/2020 Topic – How to Develop Critical Thinking in Classroom Teaching and Learning Topic – ICT Based Pedagogy for Effective Teaching and Learning
10/09/2020 Topic- Creative Learning Through Performing/Visual Arts Topic- Creative Learning Through Performing/Visual Arts


1. A laptop with internet connectivity. In the case of mobile hotspot connectivity, you are suggested to arrange 4G pack for better performance.

2. For the third day’s session, all participants need to arrange some drawing sheets, poster colors, paintbrushes, pencils and color sketch pen.

3. Attendance in all the session is mandatory.

4. At the end of each daily session, a feedback note from the participants will be highly visible.

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Online Course on Advanced Teaching Methods
(8-10, September 2020)

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