Sub Theme


Negotiating politics, identity and practice for delivery of rights

Prof. Rainuka Dagar
Head, Gender Studies Unit,

A sub theme of the conference is “Governance for Gender in Multicultural Societies: Negotiating Politics, Identity and Practice for Delivery of Rights”. These sessions are being jointly organised by IDC, Chandigarh and TISS, Mumbai and will explore the specificities of gender governance and impact on delivery processes and access to rights. The deliberations in particular seek to analyse gender policy initiatives (such as safety, gender budgeting, and BBBP interventions) and their relevance to processes of change in gendering governance. Can these initiatives provide entry points to strengthen institutional capacity, mechanism and procedures to make service delivery gender responsive?

The aim is also to share culturally relevant frameworks and methodologies for gendering governance. It is hoped that the interface of academics, policy planners and practitioners will help to create a network of gender governance stakeholders. An implicit purpose is to strengthen practical ideas and innovations for adoption in policy by engaging in different forums. As one such gathering the gender sessions invites papers on the following themes:


I. Negotiating gender policy in multicultural societies: Issues and challenges.

II. Advancing gender rights: linking policy to practice.

III. Public policy innovations for gender governance.