Governance Studies Unit

The Governance Studies Unit takes up studies on issues, which are of relevance to the common citizens, especially the poor and underprivileged. The studies are taken up on assessment of the state of the governance where the attempt is to establish certain benchmarks and standards for further research and follow ups. These studies are undertaken in states of North Western India.The focus of this unit is cutting edge transactions, which act as an enabling condition for synergistic view of the demand and supply side of governance study. Focus on cutting edge transactions includes cost of transactions as well as the cultural aspect of service-delivery issues. Considering the uniformly structured roles and institutions governing the conduct of public officials, such micro studies would have relevance for good governance across the board and hopefully facilitate identification of convergence or otherwise in respect of such transactions across different sectors and areas of public governance and this expand the scope of application of best practices beyond sector perspectives.


The Objective of the Chair would be to generate knowledge :-

  • to enrich the policy planning and to accelerate the processes of social change.
  • to specifically focus on gender, dalits and other vulnerable groups.
  • to make governance systems citizen-friendly and pro-people development models sustainable.
  • to act as a bridge between industries, universities and research centres, non-governmental organizations and government.

Recent Projects

  • Punjab and haryana development reports
  • A comparative study on citizen centric governance
  • Justice indicator index: a case study of punjab
  • Evaluation of infrastructure development in punjab
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