Gender Studies Unit

The Gender Unit promotes gender justice with a three-pronged approach. The first pertains to increasing access to rights with efficient and effective governance. Second by building capacity of stakeholders to promote gender rights and third by uncovering the causal conditions leading to the practice of gender differentiation in a specific cultural context. The following is the nature of initiatives in IDC:

  • Promoting access to gender through improvements in governance. This includes strengthening institutional capacity, procedures and services to facilitate gender friendly delivery of services (Gender Sensitive Approach to Violence Against Women: Building Capacity of Police and Community Partnered Delivery System). Efforts are also directed at promoting legal rights, using techniques of social fencing, social policing and to strengthen civil society engagement for effective delivery of services.
  • Building capacities of stakeholders to address gender justice. The focus is on advocacy, sensitisation and skill development evolving tools such as gender violence index to measure the extent and forms of violence as evidence-based advocacy and monitoring mechanisms to register efforts to combat violence.
  • Generation of knowledge: To uncover the causal linkages in a specific cultural context within and across social placements and practices of gender justice. The focus is to address gender norms, values and cultural practices that effect the exercise of women’s human rights e.g. combating female foeticide.

Specifically, the unit has worked on construction of contextualised masculinities in conflict and post-conflict situations. Evidence-based studies to uncover the dynamics of forms of gender violence have been undertaken on various themes like Atrocities Against Women, Female Deselection, Victims of Militancy and Caste-Based Violations. These studies have been undertaken for knowledge exchange and transfer at levels of policy construction, stakeholder mobilisation and community-based interactions.

Director Research
Rainuka Dagar
(Gender Studies )

Dr. Rainuka Dagar is Director (Research), Gender Studies Unit, at the Institute for Development and Communication (IDC). Her work focuses on two separate research fields: Gender and methodologies in citizen security and safety. In the domain of gender her engagement is with the study of the politics of gender constructs, gender positioning in multi-cultural societies; and gender in conflict dynamics with an application of culturally-sensitive methodologies. She has an international span in the use of performance measures in the field of public safety and citizen rights as the Regional Representative (Asia) 2004-2008 for Altus, a Global Alliance. Her work involved a collaboration with the civil society and governments to deploy a measurement tool for service delivery in police stations, documentation of local processes for adaptation and their exchange through global meets and the dissemination of best practices in police stations.

Recent Projects

  • Punjab and haryana development reports
  • A comparative study on citizen centric governance
  • Justice indicator index: a case study of punjab
  • Evaluation of infrastructure development in punjab
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