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Mission Statement

The Institute for Development and Communication (IDC) is a premier autonomous research, training and evaluation organisation of North-West of India.It is a non-profit making professionally managed organisation registered under the Societies Act in 1992.In the field of Development Studies, its focus has been on issues like WTO and its impact on agriculture, rural employment, 

rural indebtedness and agribusiness. It has also been engaged in the study of issues relating to liberalization and its impact on health and education.In Governance, Peace and Human Development, the main focus has been on resolution of conflicts, globalisation of the economy and the emerging conflicts in South Asia, victims of militancy with special reference to social, psycho-somatic and economic effects, alcoholism, state policy and socio-cultural milieu, drug abuse and its impact on the youth, formulating policy prescription packages, community policing for victim relief and crime prevention.

In Gender Studies, it has formulated policies and strategies for combating violence against women, including female foeticide, impact of liberalisation on women's employment, rights of the girl child, gender and AIDS interface. It has also developed printed and video resource material on gender justice and women's development.

Our Striving

Societies have their own dynamism and are always in struggle to find answers to pertinent questions to make living more humane. There is an increasing trend to reinforce the assumption that efforts to realise 'other utopias' are counterproductive. And any departure from status quo is considered as rank deviation and monism is being presented as the only source of growth. It is in this atmosphere, that an institution was born and we named it Institute for Development and Communication (IDC).

IDC was set up by a group of persons who aspired to produce and disseminate pro-people knowledge. It started with abundance of ideas and an almost non-existent material resource base. Those were difficult times, but pregnated with ample opportunities to realise one's dreams. These opportunities were shaped by globalisation of ideas, technological revolution and pressing need for holistic knowledge.

In its 16 years of completion, IDC availed many opportunities, but at the same time continued its endeavour to maintain research autonomy and build the institutional resource base to pursue research as per its own priorities and mandate. It took a conscious decision of not to build research capacities dependent on maintenance grants. Rather we competed for research projects and to build up institutional resource base by nurturing research capital.

IDC is engaged in social research with implications for change in the field of social development, governance to improve public safety and justice, economic development for distributive justice and gender studies. The main thrust is to undertake research in association with the stakeholders to bring about practical reforms and develop new ways of delivering justice, develop empirically tested models to make the development processes more accessible to the marginalised sections of the society. It also networks with civil society organisations for advancing knowledge and interventions that fit local needs.

IDC emphasises the need for cross-cultural research methods and tools.It is also committed to connecting local needs and knowledge with global standards. IDC's association with Altus Global Alliance for the promotion of justice provides a global platform for academic debate for practical exchange on methods of research and innovation.


  • Punjab and Haryana Development Reports
  • A Comparative Study on Citizen Centric Governance
  • Justice Indicator Index: A Case study of Punjab
  • Evaluation of Infrastructure Development in Punjab
  • Study on Inter-Regional Disparities in Haryana
  • Performance of Healthcare in Mewat Districts of Haryana
  • SAANJH: A Collaboration of Community and Punjab Police
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Governance Studies Unit

Design templateMain focus is on resolving conflicts, globalisation of the economy and the emerging conflicts.

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